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Water Based Ingredients

Water Based Ingredients

Hydrating Rose Water Mist

The Valley of Roses sits at the base of the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The Damascena roses are considered one of the best in the world. Petals are carefully steam distilled, resulting in added health and beauty benefits.

It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties of 100% distilled rose water making it ideal for toning the skin in the morning or for re-hydrating the face throughout the day. The Hydrating Rose Water Mist is an anti-bacterial water that helps re-balance the skin. It works well with acne prone skin or skin with blemishes. It reduces redness in irritated skin and maintain the skin's pH balance and controls excess oil. 

Poppy & Pomegranate Rose Facial Toner

A flowery water made from the finest Damascena Roses from the Rose valleys in Morocco. Infused with Moroccan Poppy petals and naturally dried Pomegranate rind. 

Poppy petals and Pomegranate rind are both rich in active ingredient and antioxidants, full of Vitamins C, B and E. It contains natural anti-flammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This infusion hydrates, tones and softens the skin. It helps brighten/lighten the skin, remove impurities, heal acne and blemishes and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Pre-Exfoliating Black Soap

Made from a mixture of black olive purée and organic olive oil using the ancient art of cold saponification.

Used for its medicinal and dermatological benefits since the nineteenth century.

It contains antioxidant properties, a high content of vitamin E, vitamins A and D.

Regular exfoliation of dead skin cells increases the skin's radiance, unclog pores, prevents acne and re-generate cells.


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